Gold Loan

For Individuals
Type of loan Term loan/Secured overdraft
Purpose For repair / renovation of residence Purchase home appliances / electronic Goods / repayment of outside debts / Medical expenses
Repayment For bullet loan 12 months
For overdraft 24 months
Mode of Repayment Standing instruction from our Bank Account ( Interest charged to Bullet / Overdraft facility be paid by borrower on monthly basis.).
Margin 30 % in favour of Bank
Rate of interest LNGB (Bullet payment) – 9.25 % p.a., LNGSOD – 9.50% p.a.
Who can borrow Individuals
Loan amount For bullet loan up to Rs 1.00 lakh
For overdraft loan up to Rs 10.00 lakhs
Security Pledge of gold ornaments
Collateral Not required
Guarantors Not required
Subscription of bank's shares Loan above Rs 1.00 lakhs shares amount Minimum Rs 1100/-
Processing charges For OD 0.50 % of sanct. loan amount.
For bullet loan not applicable
Other charges As per Bank's policy
Pre-payment charges No pre closure charges


12.5% for Stock & Book Depts, 12% for Stock, Book depts & 60% Colleteral


To meet expenses for pursuing higher Education , at India or abroad. Graduation / post-gradution / medical Dental / engineering / management / law Pilot / air hostess | 10.75 % to 12.00 %